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If I would have to describe my paintings, I would say that all of them has a common energy, a sort of inner power which is present in all of them no matter if it is a landscape, a yantra, an angel, a sensual woman or a couple in love.  In all of them I m aiming to reflect my fascination upon the creation in itself; the deep connection that we have between us, nature and the Divine; the power of love, harmony and beauty; and the most important the desire for union between us and the Divine.

My paintings are dedicated to try to reflect the infinite grace and love which the Creator is pouring constantly upon us, helping us to connect and open our hearts.

I hope that my art will give color to your lifes and that will serve for all of you like a spring of optimism, happiness and enthusiasm!

Please enjoy!!!


The makeover of Ambrosia yoga restaurant


I few weeks ago I had the honor to be asked again to decorate Ambrosia yoga restaurant. Ambrosia yoga restaurant is an amazing place located in the same building as Natha Yoga Center. It’s one of  my preferred restaurants, the best vegetarian restaurant, in my opinion, of Copenhagen. They serve exquisite unique vegetarian dishes and delicious cakes. After a few meetings with Ambrosia’s team the idea of the new image was created. We choose the new colors for the walls and the concept for the main wall painting was already in sketches. We also created the new logo. We decided to close the restaurant for 5 days so we could make all the necessary changes. Everybody was so excited to start! First we painted the

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