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About Ines


About Ines

Ines Honfi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She has more than 20 years of experience as an Artist and Art teacher. In 2002 she started to practice Yoga, Tantra and Meditation. Through these millenarian traditions she discovered a new perspective to look upon life and Art which was reflected immediately in her paintings. She combines her knowledge of Visual Arts and Tantra to transmit beauty, ecstasy and elevated love through colors and forms.

Certificated Art teacher and Visual artist from Art academy Regina Pacsis. Buenos Aires, Argentina and Certified Yoga teacher of Atman – International Federation of Yoga and Meditation.

Artist statement

I stand for showing Art as a bridge between humans and the Creator. To see Art as a tool for our spiritual growth and transformation.

To create art is a form of meditation where we are able to withdraw our attention from the exterior and focus in one single direction.

To perform any form of art is extremely calming and relaxing, is making us to connect with ourselves, with our souls. Art is an act of making works with higher meaning.

Art is one of the most simple and pleasant ways to awaken our soul.

Art is more than what we see, is contemplation and can not be experienced with our ego. Art is pure expression of our soul.

Art is awakening our consciousness and well as refinement, knowledge, love, aesthetic values, creativity, intuition, beauty, harmony, connection, and more.Ines Honfi

Art is a powerful tool which transmit a message and maintains certain resonance; meaning vibrates in a certain frequency.

Every single object or being in this universe is charged with energy. That’s why I would recommended to select carefully the art works that surrounds us in our daily life, as they constantly transmit a specific energy. It is not the same to have a harmonious painting in our home or a disharmonious one.

Love, refine eroticism and everything in this Universe which carries beauty are the most frequent themes in my paintings.


If we ask somebody from the 19th century what is art?

Most probably they will replay: Art is beauty.

The concept of beauty was always fascinating me and I aim to represent it as much as I’m capable of in my paintings.

In the 20th century beauty stopped to be important. It was not beauty but originality which was counting.

Now a days we can observe two kinds of Art.

Art was transformed into an expression of personal ideas and perception and got separated more and more from spirituality. In modern times is more important to create something new and trendy than to transmit something high with profound meaning.


Love, being one of the most powerful forces of this Universe, creates and maintains deep connections between each other and the Creator, helps us to transform and to express deep feelings towards others.

The state of being in love is deeply connected with the awakening of our soul. That’s why when we are in love we feel so elevated and light.


Refined eroticism is also displayed largely in my paintings, being another very powerful tool to awaken our soul.

The word erotic comes from eros in Greek which means love. Or erōtikós which means caused by love or given to love,

There exist an intimate connection between erotic power and spiritual awakening.

By manifesting our love life, romance and sexual power, we in fact unveil the mysteries of our innermost nature, which have remained hidden from us.

Images full of elevated passion together with romanticism and deep adoration are reflected in my paintings showing life to be worth to be lived fully and without hesitations.

I aim to show in the series of “Divine Couple” the polarity between man and woman, the powerful attraction between the masculine and feminine.

My process of creation is supported by meditation, yoga and tantra practice which became the gate to access the most amazing inspirations. Through these practices I’m able to connected with myself and master my mind as much as possible so the creative expression can start to flow freely.

Ines Honfi

Academy of Spiritual Arts

Teaching activity was always part of my life. I’m an educated Visual Art teacher as well as Yoga-Tantra and meditation teacher. The combination of these four disciplines is a project that I’m currently working on.

The Academy of Spiritual Arts will serve a full academic and esoteric training which will give the possibility to form artists in a complete way.

Soon I will display more details about this education.

Academy of Spiritual Arts