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How to access the endless Source of Inspiration

Ines Honfi

The key to unlocking genius like ideas and how to become perfect channels of divine inspirations.

Without it, we feel like nothing but when we have it, we feel invincible.

Inspiration is a hot topic between artist and creative people. without it, there is no creativity or there is no artist.

How to access INSPIRATION?

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The mysteries of creativity

Ines Honfi

As a nature all human beings are creative. This is one of our qualities. Some manifest it in an inborn way meanwhile others has it more hidden.

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.

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The world of colours

Ines Honfi

For a few moments look and observe the colors that are around you.

Look at them if would be the first time that you see them. See their energy and power.
Now try to imagine the world without them, how would that world look?

In my opinion: quite depressive and sad…

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