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Ines Honfi

Red is one of the primary colors together with yellow and blue. From these three colors all the other colors are born.

Red is a warm color, even we could say that is the most warm, even hot and an ardent color of all. 

The color red is the most intense colors of all. Its vibration is the fastest. It is the first color that we notice, that’s way is used in signs of interdiction and in the traffic light to show to stop. 
It is the color representing vitality and power. 

It is inciting to action and dynamism. 
It is the color representing passion and enthusiasm.
It’s the color of love combined with Eros. That’s why is the  perfect color to use in our bed room, in the place where we meet with our beloved. When a man gives red roses to a woman, symbolizes that he is passionately loving her, that his intensions are deep and full of power.
Red is the color representing the earth and its vitality. is the color of Muladhara chakra, the root chakra.
When we wish to have more energy and awake our passion, is recommended to wear red colored clothing. 
In a painting our eyes will tend to see first the forms colored with red, so we should carefully design where we place it. A powerful effect would be to place one big red form in the middle of the painting. This will make the image strong and stable.
Erotic power, sensuality and passion are awakened by the red color.

In conclusion, RED is a color full of power and “personality”. If we fish our painting to be strong and we wish to create big contrast in between colors, red is an excellent choice.

When we are in need of vitality and enthusiasm surround yourself with red object, this will help you to feel alive and dynamic.

Personally, this is one of my favorite colors. I use it largely in my paintings. 

 Here are some examples of the symbolic application of red and its combination in different paintings.


This combination represents the polar couple. Symbolizes the masculine and feminine energies. 

The sexual fluids of a woman are red, so she is represented with this color and the sexual fluids of a man are white, so he is represented with white colors. This combination shows the deep union of the opposites.

Soulmates, oil on canvas, 100x120 cm

Soulmates, oil on canvas, 100x120 cm

Other times Red can be used to represent the masculine energies as related to Mars, solar, inner strength, emissiveness, yang, dynamic and warm. In this case the woman is represented with white and blueish colors referring to the moon, cold, receptiveness, elevation, refinement and purity.

Divine Couple, 120x100cm, Oil on Canvas

Divine Couple, 120x100cm, Oil on Canvas


Red is the color representing the woman, her warmth, passion, charm and natural attractive energy. Purple is the color for the man representing centering and consciousness. In this painting red is used, together with gold and yellow to symbolize manifestation, sunshine, day time and energy (Shakti) and purple depicts night time, silence, focus, transcendence, withdrawal. (Shiva) 

Love, 100x120 cm oil on canvas

Love, 100x120 cm oil on canvas


Red is the color of the woman (manifestation),

Gold represents transcendence and white divine grace and blessing on the couple.

As you see They are many ways to combine the color red. Each of the above combinations show the polarity between a woman and a man, underlining their deep attraction and completeness.

In Love , oil on canvas 100x120 cm.

In Love , oil on canvas 100x120 cm.


When these colors are put together, they form a very powerful palette of colors as they are used as “warning” colors in nature. Black and white are opposite colors and red as we said above is the fastest or first color that we notice. This combination shows a maximum contrast and alertness. Together they create a perfect balance and unity. Red, white and black are in constant vibration. They symbolize purity, cleanness, simplicity and perfection.


When the main color of a painting is red, this painting is transmitting Intensity, passion, erotic fulfilment, deep ardent aspiration, dynamism and power.

Read more about the meaning of different colors in our next editions.

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