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Available originals by Ines Honfi

Ines is right now, working on painting in her studio preparing for an exhibition which will contain approximately 20 new originals.

Due to your requests on this page, you find an update of the available original that can be purchased.

Because of Ines’ commitment into this big project, the amount of originals available is reduced at the moment.

Yantra of the Great Cosmic Power Matangi

Yantra of the Great Cosmic Power Matangi 100x100 cm  by Ines Honfi 1.jpg
Yantra of the Great Cosmic Power Matangi 100x100 cm  by Ines Honfi 1.jpg
sold out

Yantra of the Great Cosmic Power Matangi


The universal order and harmony that is an expression of Divine Wisdom is manifested by the Great Cosmic Power

Matangi. She is the one that makes possible the fact that in the whole universe law is ruling in Eternity. She is the Divine Law ruling in eternity in the whole universe.

She makes the beauty, harmony, love and splendor of the whole Universe to exist in Eternity not as an exception from chaos but as a law from which chaos is just a temporary exception.

The Great Cosmic Power Matangi is the Divine Wisdom that exists behind everything. 

She is the power that inspires the talented writers, the inspired poets, the famous singers, the eloquent speakers and the wonderful musicians, being the source of their fascinating talents.

In daily life she is the power that is given to the spoken word to bring harmony and peace when it is correctly used.

The Great Cosmic Power Matangi should be the one adored especially by those that want to increase harmony and the state of order in their lives.


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The Great Cosmic Power of Love, Beauty and Harmony

She manifests the Divine goodness, grace, love, beauty, truth and harmony.

When happiness mirrors and manifests itself as plenary and harmoniously as possible in a certain form, its expression is the Divine Beauty.

She is the Supreme and Primordial Wish, the perfect and endless Divine Love that animates the entire creation.

What is a yantra?

Yantra is an esoteric diagram, mainly coming from the Tantric tradition from India.

Yantra means “support” and “instrument”.

Its geometric design is acting as a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration, and meditation.

Each yantra has a defined energy and significance and it is considered to represent the universe of a particular deity or Cosmic Power.

They are used for meditation, protection from harmful influences, development of

particular energies in our inner universe, an attraction of wealth, success, etc.

A yantra is like a “gate” or “portal” which is helping us, when focusing on it, to “tune in” by resonance into its specific form of energy.

Yantras have several geometric shapes radiating concentrically from the center, including triangles, circles, hexagons, octagons, and symbolic lotus petals. The outside often includes a square representing the four cardinal directions, with doors to each of them.

One of the most known yantras is the Sri Yantra, which represents the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundari. The Sri Yantra also includes the representation of Shiva and is designed to show the totality of creation and existence, along with the practitioner’s own unity with the entire Macrocosm.