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NEW COLLECTION Anahata chakra Mandala, the heart center

Prints on Canvas

These canvases are unique creations combining techniques of collage, print and painting.

Each canvas is retouched with dedication highlighting different areas with acrylic paint and gold leaf, bringing a unique texture and brightness to them, turning each of the canvases into one singular exclusive piece! 

The photos of the canvases are illustrating how the canvases look after the retouch. 

Please note that due to the hand retouch of each canvas, the brushstrokes and gold leaf may slightly vary between canvas and canvas.

NEW COLLECTION Anahata chakra Mandala, the heart center

anahata 30x30.jpg
anahata 30x30.jpg

NEW COLLECTION Anahata chakra Mandala, the heart center


Anahata chakra Mandala, the heart centre.

Anahata chakra Mandala, the heart center.

Anahata chakra is placed in the middle, 3 chakras below and 3 chakras above it.

Represent the center of consciousness where we are able to manifest unconditional universal love, where we learn to give without expecting anything in return. Many are the characteristics of this center as generosity, the capacity to sacrifice, forgiveness, compassion, altruism and many more wonderful human noble qualities.7 month ago I started to draw and paint an artistic representation of the mandalas of the 7 chakras following with attentiveness the esoteric shapes and colors corresponding to each center of consciousness.

I didn’t feel to start in a particular order…but more to intuitively feel it (I did the same when I painted the Yantras of the 10 Cosmic powers)

So first intuition it was to start with the crown center Sahasrara and Anahata chakra, the heart center.

After a long journey of practice and crystallization, I finished Sahasrara mandala and now ANAHATA chakra MANDALA.

The mandalas are made following a meditative state. While painting them I was repeating the mantra corresponding to that chakra and visualizing how this chakra was awakening in me more and more meanwhile creating the shapes.

The colors used in the mandalas correspond to the esoteric representation of each center. These colors are helping to dynamize each center in a specific and unique way.

When all seven will be ready I will organize an exhibition so all of you can see the originals….till then you are welcome to order a unique print on canvas in 80x80 cm with retouched gold and acrylic paint.

We ship all our Prints on Canvas within 3-7 business days. We will provide you a Track-Trace number when the order is sent.

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Ines is personally retouching all prints on canvas and adding gold or silver leaves on top of the needed areas, getting the same effect of shiny gold-silver like in the originals, as well as adding a personal touch to your prints.