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Bagalamukhi Yantra

Prints on Canvas

These canvases are unique creations combining techniques of collage, print and painting.

Each canvas is retouched with dedication highlighting different areas with acrylic paint and gold leaf, bringing a unique texture and brightness to them, turning each of the canvases into one singular exclusive piece! 

The photos of the canvases are illustrating how the canvases look after the retouch. 

Please note that due to the hand retouch of each canvas, the brushstrokes and gold leaf may slightly vary between canvas and canvas.

Bagalamukhi Yantra


Bagalamukhi Yantra


We ship all our Prints on Canvas within 3-7 business days. We will provide you a Track-Trace number when the order is sent.

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Ines is personally retouching all prints on canvas and adding gold or silver leaves on top of the needed areas, getting the same effect of shiny gold-silver like in the originals, as well as adding a personal touch to your prints.

YANTRA of the Great Cosmic Power BAGALAMUKHI

She is the immense power of  the stoppage of any negative process, aspect, state. She confers to the aspirant the power of fascination and the gift of eloquence. She manifests the energetic sphere of Divine paralyzing fascination producing the necessary discontinuity in the flux of ephemeral becoming. This discontinuity (hiatus) is always needed for transcending the ignorance. With Her help we attain, in certain special circumstances, the suspension of mental fluctuations, the maintenance of this suspension and the fusion with the Absolute (the transition into the Divine Void), thus we achieve the state of Divine Ecstasy, Samadhi.