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Yantra Collection Set

Prints on Canvas

These canvases are unique creations combining techniques of collage, print and painting.

Each canvas is retouched with dedication highlighting different areas with acrylic paint and gold leaf, bringing a unique texture and brightness to them, turning each of the canvases into one singular exclusive piece! 

The photos of the canvases are illustrating how the canvases look after the retouch. 

Please note that due to the hand retouch of each canvas, the brushstrokes and gold leaf may slightly vary between canvas and canvas.

Yantra Collection Set


Yantra Collection Set


We ship all our Prints on Canvas within 3-7 business days. We will provide you a Track-Trace number when the order is sent.

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Ines is personally retouching all prints on canvas and adding gold or silver leaves on top of the needed areas, getting the same effect of shiny gold-silver like in the originals, as well as adding a personal touch to your prints.

Now you can purchase the full collection of the YANTRAS of the Great Cosmic Powers

Each YANTRA is acting as a gate or portal to perceive certain unique energies, helping us to awaken those specific energies in our inner universe.

YANTRA of the Great Cosmic Power KALI

Kali manifests the divine discrimination, the right action which overcomes any obstacle, the inspired skillfulness in action. She is the colossal potential of the sexual creative energy, and also the amazing power of transformation that is plenary manifested through love and frantic erotic union. In the human being, She is the tremendous energy Kundalini Shakti


YANTRA of the Great Cosmic Power TARA

She is also called “The Savioress” and the “Guiding Star” representing the very manifestation of the Divine Grace ‘saving’ the aspirants from the life in “samsara” (the ocean of illusion). TARA is also the All-mighty power of the primordial Sound, the fundamental pranava AUM, the Word which foreruns the arising of the creation, the substance-sound, the quintessence of all the sounds, the affirmative Logos, the assertion of the creative Divinity, the source of speech, and the owner of the superior knowledge.


YANTRA of the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA SUNDARI

She manifests the Divine goodness, grace, love, beauty, truth and harmony.

When happiness mirrors and manifests itself as plenary and harmoniously as possible in a certain form, its expression is the Divine Beauty.

She is the Supreme and Primordial Wish, the perfect and endless Divine Love that animates the entire creation. 


YANTRA of the Great Cosmic Power BHUVANESWARI

She is the Divine Mother of all the worlds and of all the realms.

She is the gigantic sphere of force that creates, penetrates, maintains and nourishes the worlds, the endless and all-including Space. She is the omnipresent force, the thread, and at the same time the mysterious warp of the entire texture of the Creation. She grants the access to the superior, supernatural, parallel worlds, enabling us to fully experience the truths of the Cosmic Illusion Maya manifesting the Divine Knowledge.


YANTRA of the Great Cosmic Power TRIPURA BHAIRAVI

Through discipline and sacrifice She amplifies in the human being the enthusiasm and ardent aspiration towards God.

BHAIRAVI (the Terrible) is the fire of Tapas (discipline), which allows the annihilation of the negative karma and the accumulation of the necessary energy for spiritual ‘jumps’, thus helping in overcoming all limitations and obstacles. With Her Supreme Fire She burns all the miseries and weaknesses, and finally purifies the serious aspirants, making them ready to receive the Divine Grace.


YANTRA of the Great Cosmic Power CHINNAMASTA

She helps to overcome immediately certain tormenting and negative resonances, such as: fear, fright, negative temptations, demonic attacks, and thus it becomes possible to achieve a heroic attitude, an attitude of divine abnegation, and self sacrifice able to transcend all these negative aspects. She gives the endless Courage for realizing the Supreme Self Sacrifice: the cutting off the mind in order to discover what is beyond it!


YANTRA of the Great Cosmic Power DHUMAVATI

Her specific subtle energy makes possible, among other things, the denial and the transcendence of unconsciousness, evil, ignorance, pessimism, depression, frustration, boredom, inertia, confusion, recklessness and the alchemizing of these inferior tendencies into wonderful spiritual states.

Through the ample and profound communion with DHUMAVATI’s infinite sphere of force, all the inferior aspects of the states of passive inner emptiness generated by sufferance may be very easily annihilated and sublimated into the elevated energies of the Divine, Blissful Void.


YANTRA of the Great Cosmic Power BAGALAMUKHI

She is the immense power of  the stoppage of any negative process, aspect, state. She confers to the aspirant the power of fascination and the gift of eloquence. She manifests the energetic sphere of Divine paralyzing fascination producing the necessary discontinuity in the flux of ephemeral becoming. This discontinuity (hiatus) is always needed for transcending the ignorance. With Her help we attain, in certain special circumstances, the suspension of mental fluctuations, the maintenance of this suspension and the fusion with the Absolute (the transition into the Divine Void), thus we achieve the state of Divine Ecstasy, Samadhi.


YANTRA of the Great Cosmic Power MATANGI

She is the universal order and harmony that is an expression of Divine Wisdom. She is the Divine Law ruling in eternity in the whole Universe. She makes the beauty, harmony, love and splendor of the Manifestation to exist in Eternity not as an exception from chaos but as a law from which chaos is just a temporary exception. She is the power that inspires the talented writers, the inspired poets, the famous singers, the eloquent speakers and the wonderful musicians, being the source of their fascinating talents.


YANTRA of the Great Cosmic Power KAMALATMIKA

She is the Magnificence of the Supreme Absolute, the Splendor of the Spirit hidden in all the details of the Creation.

Kamalatmika is the ecstasy as a permanent background of the Manifestation.

Kamalatmika is the Greatness of the Supreme Beauty and the Beatitude of Plenitude reaching creation, the fascinating Power of Spiritual Wealth and Perfect Happiness, and the Night of the Paradisiacal Splendor. 

She is the embodiment of everything that can ever be desired…